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Ideal Customer Journeys

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) is the bridge between your customers, your product and you team. It acts as the center point for information, communication and automation for your business.

Ideal Customer Journeys CRM is all about the top-line, helping you grow through all your customer touchpoints, from acquisition, to activation, to renewal.

“Are you manually doing things that could be done automatically with zero errors?”

Processes that can be automated

  • Sales inquiries

  • Customer assignment

  • Quotation confirmation

  • Pricing inquiries

  • Follow up tasks

  • Order confirmation

  • Invoice generation

  • Segmentation

  • Reporting

Processes that can be more efficient

  • New customer engagement

  • Order follow up

  • Payment confirmation

  • Pricing and discounts

  • Customer follow up

  • Finding new customers

  • Engaging distributors

  • Sales meetings

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