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CRM for Salespeople

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Give your sales team the tools they need to reach the right customers at the right time, and get rid of manual, repetitive tasks they have to complete for every customer.

Stop spending time creating reports. Stop filling up spreadsheets. Allow Salespeople to Focus on What Really Matters: Salespeople spend approximately 25% of their time manually collecting information, collecting feedback, and managing notes. When salespeople have their hands tied up in data entry, they can't focus on the most important part of the job: closing sales.

“How is your customer data being collected? How easy is it for salespeople to access it?”

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Customer Records

Challenge: Customer details are recorded and tracked manually, usually in spreadsheets Solution: A CRM provides all of the sales reps a unified view customer details, allows them remote access, helps track the progress of deals, and provides visibility across the business.

Follow Up and Hot Leads

Challenge: Sales reps have to rely on their own ability to know who to call and when Solution: A CRM provides a simple way to track activity and create reminders. Tasks within the CRM can be created manually by rep or automatically by the sales team. Either way you team knows who call and when


Challenge: Every customer needs the same follow up and the same paperwork, and the sales rep have to do it all manually Solution: Automate repetitive tasks and cut manual labor out of your sales process using conditional triggers that occur at a specific date or time.

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