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The Only Business Software You'll Need
Replace a multitude of services and apps with a single ecosystem for your business to work in. Explore the tools of Bitrix24

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The driving force behind your business

Manage Your Customers

One platform to manage leads Build customer engagement and close deals. Bitrix24 is an all-in-one free CRM tool. For businesses looking for complete control over their sales processes - from lead sourcing. to customer service

  • CRM and lead management

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Project and Team Management

  • Customer Service and Communication

  • All-in-one workspace

  • Automation

  • Custom pipelines

  • Online marketing integration

  • In-Depth reporting and analytics



Bitrix24 improves internal communication within the company. It brings together the most popular online collaboration tools. Bitrix24 has all your online meeting tools in one place: live feed, chat, phone calls, video calls and more!

  • Live feed with company updates

  • Employee polling

  • Chat and video conferencing 

  • Task and calendar integration

  • Secure document management

  • Workgroups and projects

Bring your team together

Starting a project is very easy. With the online project management tool in Bitrix24, create a workgroup. add team members determine their roles and down to the assignment

With over 35 tools, Bitrix24 project management software has everything you need. For effective team collaboration

Chat, video conferencing and other communication tools Make it easy for remote teams to work together. in open source project management software Bitrix24

  • Assign tasks and manage deadlines

  • Visualize Your Project with Gantt Charts and Kanban Board views 

  • Discuss issues related to the project online

  • Track project progress in real-time

  • Store all project files in one place

  • Manage teams and scrum projects

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A central hub for all your social media channels

Instead of switching between your business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line or any other platform, you get a single hub. where you can monitor customer activity Reply to messages and comments analyze data and easily collect statistics

  • Integrate with Facebook, Instagram, and Line messenger 

  • Add live chat to your website

  • Create a custom set of rules to manage, route, and distribute customer chats to your team members

  • Create canned responses to common questions

  • Manage your inbox from all channels in one place

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